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会員様各位 平素はオプエドサービスをご利用いただきまして誠にありがとうございます。 この度、情熱報道ライブ「ニューズ・オプエド」サイトの全面リニューアルおよびシステムメンテナンスに伴いまして下記日程で一部のサービスを停止させていただきます。会員の皆様にはご迷惑をおかけ致しますが、何卒、ご了承くださいますようお願い申し上げます。 記      日  時:2018年12月29日(土)午前0時から           2019年1月8日(火)午前0時まで      停止サービス:新規会員登録、プラン変更 尚、プラン変更をご検討されている会員様は28日までにご対応下さいますよう、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 退会をご希望の方は31日15時までに下記メールアドレス宛てにご連絡をいただけますよう宜しくお願い致します。 上記に関するお問い合わせ先 以上 2018年12月25日 ㈱NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO

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Changed company name and Renewal website

NOBORDER Inc. changed company name and announces the renewal of ‘News Oped’ live coverage We would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you for your continued prosperity. Thank you …

Our Visions

About Us

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO is a place for activities of journalists seeking truth, it is a middle media that conveys information on the world. It is a new journalism media that has a sense of balance in place of advertisers, mass media that does not depend on power and interests, and cultivates international journalists. Mass media and micro media. Only Japan is divided into two by the existence of the press club, and distribution of information and exchange of human resources are completely blocked. It is a bridge between the two, creating a truly sound speech space. NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO conducts coverage activities worldwide, including middle-ranking middle-aged media, such as the G7 Summit Meeting and the White House. Passionate coverage operated by NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO “New Oped” live broadcasting various guests day by day inviting guests to realize various speech spaces.

Providing diverse speech space

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO aims to contribute to society with diversity by providing a place of dissemination for every speech.
To that end, efforts to set up a branch office in Fukushima, New York, etc. to regularly deliver local voice, opinions of social minorities such as women and LGBT, attitudes to communicate the reality of social problems that are shut down in the mass media By doing so, we aim to nurture the diversity of rich speech which is indispensable for the development of sound democracy.

Introduction of AI · block chain technology

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO creates state-of-the-art media making use of AI (artificial intelligence) and block chain technology. Specifically, we aim to become a transparent media space that makes use of technology, such as construction of fact check function by AI reporter, reading of manuscript by AI announcer, improvement of reliability of information by introducing block chain technology, and so on.

Training young talent

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO aims to contribute to society as a whole by providing challenging opportunities to younger generations who will be the future of the future.
We hire a lot of student staff at the work site, we draw various ideas full of creativity, we are watching by the experienced staff and getting the daily bread of our lives towards each aiming road. NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO
By engaging in young generations with every challenge as the center, we aim for a new generation of media that collides with new values.

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